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A little uneducational for my first post in blah amount of month. The picture is curtacy of this guy. Cheers. Vagina 101 is back.


I’ll admit, I’ve been a lazy cunt with most of my post, I half assed, because I have midterms to study for and the stress to deal with it. I deal with my stress like most women do when they stress about a break up. Lots of icecream, ciggerettes and meaningless sex to make one’s self-esteem hightened a bit. I can’t even get meanlessing sex, so I look for pictures vagina related to please my own personal art theme. (Which I should one day reveal to you all at a later date. Or not.)

Behold Something of my Taste:
I.E I didn’t draw it myself, I found it on

Kind of makes me not want to go to the gynotoligist. Rotten calls it a kind of pan asian kink.
I don’t know how to read japanese. Maybe if I did, I wouldn’t think it’s some horror urban legend about a gynotologist transforming some cunt into many forms. It took a while, then I figured it was just an art piece and maybe if I was tri-lingual, I would ”get it.”

Then I cheated and read the script underneath the picture.

Depicts female self-examination; each vulva and mirror are unique.


All the environmental chicks has got to have one of these keepers. How sexy is this? A little cup that doesn’t produce waste. I personally wouldn’t use one because I’m uncomfortable with inserting… anyhow! Behold! The Keeper!

More info on Keepers:
Keeper Menstrual Cup: Questions and Answers


This is a purely mediated point of view on prostitute.

Prostitute with A Heart of Gold

Oh course, in todays post-modern age, we have a different world view when it comes to sell outs. Especially when one’s selling out involves her sexual health. So logically, you say whore I think STDs.

But we don’t use the STD so much as we do STIs. The world disease is a little harsh so we’re all for infections. Infactions that can be transfered through sex. And makeout sessions. Even blowjobs. D:

So what are the real complications of our STIs. Click here for more info on our big STIs.

While it is normal and healthy for people to enjoy active sex lives, there are more than 30 sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that can make things unpleasant.

Very informative, but doesn’t give a clear indication of the long term risks. Except pregnacy, which can be a long risk. They also mention, about erection lost and what to do if your gay.

They do however have a section about HIV. The real killer in the STD kingdom.

Also, the test can be wrong sometimes (this is called a “false positive” or “false negative”).

Well there you have it people. There is nothing pleasantly natural about sex anymore. Except for an orgasm. Which most women can sacrafice when they have cervical cancer on their minds. Thank god, all we have to do is not wear a bra when it comes to breast cancer.

Post to look forward to: Levels of HIV; Whores II


Well it was about time we covered this subject. I picked up this little diagram from Wikipedia.


“The head or glans of the clitoris is a simple bundle of 8000 nerve fibers, estimated to be twice the number found in the penis, [3]making it particularly well-suited for sexual stimulation.“

This is the organ, Clitoris. You can only find it in female mammals. I’ll assume you all know where it is. 🙂


Now, pop question! Can you name the two orifices?


I’m a little disturbed that her secretions are of a greenish color.


Amenorrhea is the absence of mentrual periods, which is primarily in the prime reproductive years of a young woman’s life. It happens because you have ovary constapation. Or, litterally because the ( gonadotropin) hormone levels in her body is fucked up. Which can sound pretty sweet, if your one of those sciazoids who think using tampons will give you cancer.

States of Amenorrhea can normally be seen after your menopause, during pregnacy or after you stop taking your pills. It can also happen if she is sticky thin or if she is gain a massive amount of weight.

Personally, the opposite happened to me after I stop taking the pill. I do remember once a pon a time having this condition, while I thought I was pregnate. The pull out method is an icky and stressful method of birth control and should never be done. However, my amenorrhea cleared up 2 days after I pissed on a pregnacy kit stick.

I also once induced amenorrhea onto myself, right before a date. (The guy had a massive monster cock and no clue what to do with it. Anyway, that’s besides the point.) I managed to free myself from Great Aunt Flow for 2 days.


It’s no secret that some men feel a little bad about their size. However, after coming across this website I have come to the conclusion that men aren’t the only ones who think with/for/about their sex organs.

Apparently it’s common for women from the ages of 20 to 44 to suffer from Loose Vagina Syndrome. Please do go through this check list, to see if you have a loose vagina.

Women suffering from an embarrassing inadequacy of being big and loose, usually experience one or all of the following symptoms.
• The need for the insertion of larger objects in order to feel some sexual stimulation.
• The inability to grip your index finger with your vagina.
• The feeling of just being big and looking big.
• Your vagina emits a lot of odor.
• Your vagina does not close completely during the non-aroused state.
• Being able to insert 3 or more fingers into your canal with little to no resistance.
• The inability to reach orgasm during coitus.
• The inability to satisfy your partner and provide proper stimulation to him.
These are the most common symptoms associated with women who have an inadequate vaginal size where it is too big and loose, causing distress to any women who suffers from this disorder.

I would like to say some quirky about this but I’m just going to sit back a chuckle. Though I do think I will write a short blog on Keagan exercises, in the near future.

So, do you suffer from a loose vagina?


A few months ago, a friend of mine came back from a Eurotrip greeted me by staring and squeezing on my left boob. (It could have been my right, but lets not go out of context. More than I already have, that is.) ”What the hell happened?!” she stated in amazement.

In the few months she had left, I had jumped from an A cup to a B. Round and swelling, my boobs we’re HAWT. The following month after that, various things happen in my life style; stress level went up, I had stopped taking the pill and I had started eating meat again; after years of being a vegatarian.

Today while looking through my bikini tops and gauking at my amazing tiny but hot frame I noticed something had change. My boobs DEFLATED! I was quick to open Google and find some answers.

”Other foods that contain these phytoestrogens that are known for affecting breasts are tofu, dried beans of different kinds, apples, carrots, wheat germ, cinnamon, nutmeg, oats, different types of berries, sesame seeds and actually many other seeds and oats, too numerous to mention. ”

A vegatarian could have promoted my healthy amazing boob growth, along with the pill, though, this wasn’t enough. I continued my search to find a way I could make my boobs look a cup bigger before bikini season rolled around and found this.

High-estrogen birth control pills can temporarily enlarge your breasts, but this doesn’t happen for everybody, and you should always consider all the potential side effects of any medication before using it.

Suddenly 20 bucks a month seems feesable for birth control, even with my lacking of the need for it.


Women know that there is ALWAYS something going on with their vag. If it’s not bleeding for 3 to 5 days, it’s the random discharge that comes from the womb above or our glands working over time when you see that hot piece of meat individual (I’m not here to judge sexuality, just inform it.) pass by.

The glands which apparently, according to our friend Bathrolin. Bartholin glands are an amazing thing for health women. As for post menopausal women… well that’s a another story for another time…

Bartholin gland can become infected which (and Gyno-Docs) call a Bartholin Cyst (pronouced like kissed). This can be caused by funky bacteria that block the blands and leave them to fester in their own bacteria party, making them red, swollen and pussy. It can turn out an STI caused this, so if you’re feeling these symptoms, it’s probably because you fucked some dirty motherfucker. It can also be because you’re the dirty one.

If you’ve been a good girl, than this infection can be treated simply by sitting in a warm (and clean) bath 3 to 4 times a day. If it continues, than the doctor will give you his own santized bath, which is the same basic procedure but in a basin. If it continues, than a couple antibiotics can cool the infection. If it continues still, than ”a surgical procedure called a marsupialization” is the next step.

A small cut will be made inside, they’ll place some thingy to drain it some more. You can go on the site to see this procedure, but I’d rather not go into the gorey details myself.