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Vaginas Of The World IV

I’ll admit, I’ve been a lazy cunt with most of my post, I half assed, because I have midterms to study for and the stress to deal with it. I deal with my stress like most women do when they stress about a break up. Lots of icecream, ciggerettes and meaningless sex to make one’s self-esteem hightened a bit. I can’t even get meanlessing sex, so I look for pictures vagina related to please my own personal art theme. (Which I should one day reveal to you all at a later date. Or not.)

Behold Something of my Taste:
I.E I didn’t draw it myself, I found it on

Kind of makes me not want to go to the gynotoligist. Rotten calls it a kind of pan asian kink.
I don’t know how to read japanese. Maybe if I did, I wouldn’t think it’s some horror urban legend about a gynotologist transforming some cunt into many forms. It took a while, then I figured it was just an art piece and maybe if I was tri-lingual, I would ”get it.”

Then I cheated and read the script underneath the picture.

Depicts female self-examination; each vulva and mirror are unique.

2 Responses to “Vaginas Of The World IV”

  1. VAGINAL DISEASES could be as a result of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, genital herpes, genital warts, syphilis and HIV infections. As such women who have chronic vaginal diseases should examine their sexual conduct and establish if they are safe or not.

  2. hmm each vulva is unique, I wonder if identical twins have identical genetaila? Quick google “Olsen Twins + Vagina”!!

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